St. Louis Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2014

Meet the employers
Krilogy Financial
At Krilogy Financial, accomplishment means that the firm works closely with clients to discover, design, and most importantly, implement a wealth plan that will help clients meet their goals.
Kent Skornia, president and founder
Employees: 28
2013 revenue: $2.5 million

Employee Perks
In addition to things like a free parking garage, Krilogy gear (such as workout shirts and iPad cases, among others), Krilogy sets a companywide goal each year that every team member is involved in achieving.

All Krilogy team members have access to a free, on-site gym and personal trainers.

Charitable Efforts
Krilogy encourages each team member to pursue charitable goals individually and as a team. Our 28 team members are involved in a large variety of non-profit organizations. Many of our team hold volunteer leadership positions. On average, our team contributes 15 volunteer hours per month per team member to our varied passions.

The Krilogy office complex features an on-site café with a variety of healthy options, including salads, wraps and soups.

“How can my company become one of the Best Places to Work?”

That’s a question I receive in my inbox year round. And my response, other than directing them to our website’s nomination page, is to look at last year’s awards section for what winners and finalists are doing in their workplaces.

We took that idea one step further this year. Instead of stories on each company, we combined all of the responses of both winners and finalists and focused on specific topics. Fitness, charity, and employee perks are just some ideas that are discussed in this exclusive section. In addition, we asked employers what their most “over the top” benefit is for their workforce and their answers didn’t disappoint.

When reading this section, we want you to come away with an idea that you can implement in your workplace. Maybe it’s not the company trips to Mexico, but initiatives such as sales competitions and charity drives are in the reach of every company.

To develop this section, we partnered with Quantum Workplace, who administered the employee surveys to each company that was nominated. Using those surveys, and their own algorithm, they tabulated scores for this year’s competition.