Should I max out my 401(k) while the market is down?

A frequent question I hear from clients and prospects is whether or not to put extra money into the 401(k) while the stock market is down. Three key questions can help you navigate this idea. Question 1: What is your emotional outlook? We need to be realistic with ourselves and our emotions surrounding money and investing. Mathematically we “know” that…

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Weekly Market Recap | August 8, 2022

Week in Review Equity Markets: The S&P ended the week essentially flat, up just 0.4%. Growth stocks outperformed their value counterparts, and the NASDAQ finished the week up 2.2%. The recent equity market surge is likely attributed to strong quarterly earnings results and the hope that the Fed will slow its tightening cycle amidst softening economic numbers. So far 87%…

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July 2022 Krilogy Market Perspective Video Web

Market Update | July 2022

Krilogy’s Kent Skornia (CEO) and John McArthur (CIO) assess the current investing environment. Earnings, inflation and a tightening monetary policy alongside an economic slowdown, point towards a potential Recession. They explore portfolio strategy and considerations beyond publicly traded stock and bonds. Important Disclosures

Weekly Market Recap | August 1, 2022

Week in Review Equity Markets: The market had a strong rally last week despite more weakening data, with the S&P ending the week up over 4%. Last week was a perfect example of better or worse – it was neither good nor bad, with respect to data. Earnings season has been less than stellar when looking at the past decade…

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Quarterly Insights | July 2022

High Inflation and Rising Interest Rates Result in the Worst S&P 500 Performance in Decades The S&P 500 continued to decline in the second quarter, hitting the lowest level since December 2020 as continued high inflation, sharp increases in interest rates, rising recession risks, and ongoing geopolitical unrest pressured stocks and other assets. After a rebound in March, the S&P…

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Weekly Market Recap | July 25, 2022

Week in Review Equity Markets: Despite the nearly 1% reversal by the S&P 500 on Friday, the index finished the week solidly in the green. The index was up 2.6% for the week. Growth stocks were favored this week as yields declined and the NASDAQ finished the week up by 3.3%. The NASDAQ still lags year-to-date, down nearly 25%. The…

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Weekly Market Recap | July 18, 2022

Week in Review Equity Markets: Despite a strong final trading day of the week, which saw the S&P rise nearly 2%, the index ended the week down 0.9%. The large move was in large part due to a surprise beat in June Retail Sales. Earnings season ramped up last week, with many of the major banks reporting. 7% of the…

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Weekly Market Recap | July 11, 2022

Week in Review Equity Markets: The S&P ended the week up 1.9% and is down ~19% from the early January market peak. So far, the markets appear to be taking softer economic numbers in stride, in hopes that it will ease the Fed’s hawkish policy stance. This sentiment likely led to growth stock outperformance last week. The NASDAQ ended the…

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Weekly Market Recap | July 5, 2022

Week in Review Equity Markets: The S&P ended the week down 2.2%. The markets did end on a positive note for the week, finishing the first day of the new quarter up ~1%. We are through the first half of 2022, and as widely expressed, we experienced the worst first half of the year for the stock market since 1970….

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Market Update | June 28, 2022

The S&P officially entered a bear market in June. Krilogy President and CEO Kent Skornia and Chief Investment Officer John McArthur share their thoughts on the Fed and how they are working toward demand destruction, with all eyes on whether the Fed is slowing down inflation in this strong labor market. Kent and John also discuss how the market selling…

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