Krilogy Financial® Advisor, Kevin Reynolds Earns CIS Designation

St. Louis, MO – Krilogy Financial®, a wealth management firm with multiple locations in the St. Louis area, is pleased to announce that Financial Advisor, Kevin Reynolds, has earned his Certified Income Specialist™ designation from the Institute of Business & Finance. CIS™ certification requires mastery of issues related to income distribution in retirement, including Medicare, income taxes, health care, investing…

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Women: Are You Taking Control of Your Finances?

We recently celebrated International Women’s Day, a time to recognize and advocate for the contributions and advancement of women. This includes professional, social and cultural advances, and the accomplishments we continue to see women making when it comes to taking control of their finances. Our passion lies in guiding women on this journey and empowering them to actively navigate all…

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Why Your Business Needs a Buy-Sell Agreement (and it’s not just for death of a partner)

Over the course of their careers, business owners work hard to build their companies, typically putting in countless hours and investing a great deal of money and passion. In many cases, there are two or more business partners with varying degrees of ownership and responsibility, all focused on the common goal of what they’re trying to accomplish. Perhaps they’ve thought…

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Make Strategic Tax Planning a Priority For Your Retirement Plan

If you’re like most, you approach your retirement planning with the sole focus on building your nest egg, accumulating as much as possible to get you to your goals. Yet there’s an often overlooked piece of the planning that could have an impact on your finances in retirement –strategic tax planning. What could your tax exposure be, and how can…

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Brett T. Siegfried

Why Even High-Income Earners May Qualify for a Roth IRA

I recently wrote an article debunking the common misperception that those who earn higher incomes can’t qualify for a Roth IRA. I was inspired to address the topic because I work with many high net worth individuals who earn well above what is allowable for Roth IRA contributions. My goal was to show not only my clients, but others who…

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Your Life Insurance Needs an Annual Checkup Too

Regular check-ups are a part of life. Your health, your car, and even things like your furnace are checked out annually, if not more frequently. Yet when it comes to life insurance, you may think that policy you purchased many years ago is fine just sitting in a drawer. There are several reasons that this is a dangerous practice, because…

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How the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule May Impact You and Your Relationship with Your Financial Advisor

Perhaps you’ve read about the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule, which is scheduled to go into effect in April, 2017. To sum it up, the new rule places regulations on those who offer investment advice on retirement accounts, requiring them to act as fiduciaries, which means they act solely in the client’s best interest when offering financial services and advice….

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Women in Finance: Why having women on your wealth management team is vital to your success

When I was a kid embarking on all sorts of harrowing adventures, whenever I needed guidance or help, I sought out one person: my mom. She was nurturing, tough when she had to be, but compassionate when compassion was needed. In a nutshell: I trusted her. Come to think of it, I trusted most of the women I grew up…

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