Client Experience

Krilogy clients’ lives are transformed through the collaborative, guided work we pursue together. We deliver more than mere satisfaction. We deliver impact.

It all starts by listening. Every client is unique, and we believe that who you are should be reflected in your plan. When you feel welcomed, valued and heard, you feel comfortable to share.

Getting to know you involves more than just numbers. It involves life itself. Your viewpoints and perspectives are embraced. Questions, beliefs, and opportunities surrounding money are explored. We get to know where you are in your journey, joining you where you are. We’ll cover questions1 such as:

  • Am I maximizing my financial opportunities?
  • Do I have enough saved to live comfortably in retirement?
  • Is my tax strategy designed for my needs?
  • Do I have a financial plan in which all of the pieces are working effectively together?
  • What decisions and actions will help me reach my goals?
  • What legacy do I hope to leave behind?

These questions require thoughtful consideration and a team working on your behalf to address them.

Getting it Done

Krilogy is well-known for rolling up our sleeves and getting things done for clients. This includes the complicated issues that require hard work and attention to details. It also involves ongoing coordination of all the financial professionals involved in the successful development and execution of your plan. Whatever is most important to you, we are there for you. We bring tasks to completion and create your peace of mind.

Ongoing Communication

We believe in transparency, honesty and open lines of communication. You can expect to hear from your Krilogy Wealth Advisor at key moments throughout the year, and throughout the lifecycle of your plan. And this is just the start. Each plan, and each client’s life, is unique. A life transition can occur at any time. It could be a job change, marriage, birth of a child, sale of your business, or death of a loved one. Your Krilogy team plays a valuable role in those moments, serving as a guide to help you navigate your options and prepare for whatever might come next.
1Answering these and other questions may require us to coordinate with your outside accountants and attorneys