Our Structure / Process

Have you taken the time to create a vision for your financial future?

How do you value finances in your life? For fun? For retirement? For family? For charity? Together, we’ll create clarity with you as you build and refine your personal vision.

Now, what resources are available to you, and how is your current wealth plan helping you get there?

From your investments, taxes and estate planning to daily cash flow, we help you uncover your blind spots. What haven’t you thought of, and what questions haven’t been asked? Krilogy has developed a comprehensive, organized process to help you arrive at the answers and build an impactful wealth management plan that encompasses your entire financial picture. With this process in place, you’re ready.

Step 1 – Inventory

The Krilogy team begins our relationship by cataloguing your entire financial picture in one place. This creates clarity, allowing you to know what you have and where you are financially. We then take the process a step further, assessing your personal inventory – who you are as a person, what you value most, and what your goals and risk tolerance are. All pieces work in harmony to shape your wealth management plan.

Step 2 – Plan Development

Your wealth management plan is the foundation for your financial life. It serves as the roadmap for all decisions you will make and is rooted in your values and vision for the future. After understanding your personal vision and goals, our team will analyze the items important to you and create recommendations to meet those goals.

Step 3 – Implementation

Your Krilogy team will begin to implement the items most important within your personal plan based on your needs, taking careful consideration to keep you informed at all times. Together, we’ll celebrate as we accomplish your important goals.

Step 4 – Ongoing Management

Management of your wealth plan is a personalized endeavor. Your Krilogy team will work with you to determine how often you’d like to meet and your preferred method of communication. Throughout the process, the Krilogy investment team will review your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that your portfolio remains within your risk tolerance.

Step 5 – Evolution of your Plan

As your life goals and vision change, we walk alongside you on your journey, serving as your trusted guide for all of the important financial decisions you will make. This could be a behavioral shift as you enter a new chapter in life, such as retirement, a new business opportunity, or extending what you’ve built to future generations.