St. Louis Business Journal – HOW TO: Choose a Wealth Manager 2014

Game plan, communication help meet goals

Get referrals from those you know and trust

Gauge education and experience level

Krilogy Client Richard Feldman
Partner with Husch Blackwell

Getting referrals from people you know and trust is a good first step in choosing a wealth manager, according to Richard Feldman, a partner with law firm Husch Blackwell LLC in St. Louis. He’s used a wealth management firm’s services for the last eight or nine years.

“Also, you need to look at the education, background and experience level of those with the firm,” he said. “Talk to the person you’re thinking of using to ensure he or she has a game plan that would help you meet your financial goals.”

Price wasn’t as important for him as two-way communication with the wealth manager. “You need a trust level,” Feldman said. “You’re putting your financial future in somebody’s hands.”

The person you deal with “must be really smart and knowledgeable about the area they’re in,” he said. “My firm set up a game plan and communication plan that fit with what I needed.”


CPWA: Certified Private Wealth Advisor

CFP: Certified Financial Planner

CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst

CIMA: Certifed Investment Management Analyst

By: Mary Shapiro
Excerpt from the St. Louis Business Journal March 28, 2014