From the President – November 2016

This year, we witnessed a presidential election which, in the minds of many, was unlike any we’d ever seen. There was very passionate debate, as well as a great deal of fear surrounding both candidates. Many parents, myself included, experienced their children becoming aware of the political process for the first time, and asking pointed questions about a variety of issues. I, for one, enjoyed the opportunity to converse with my children, and look forward to the day when they, too, are able to participate in the electoral process.

Just as my children had many questions surrounding the presidential race, we at Krilogy also fielded many questions, concerns, and uncertainties from our clients. That’s what we’re here for – and that’s what you should expect from your advisor. Your financial advisor can provide the information and context you need to feel confident in your plan when it seems the times are uncertain. He or she is there to talk through the logic behind the decisions you’ve made regarding your plan, and help to ensure that emotions are held in check. We’ve appreciated the opportunity to talk with so many of you about issues related to the election, and encourage you to contact us if you’re feeling a bit skittish.

The election of Donald Trump as our next President was preceded by predictions of a market downturn if he were elected. In the days that followed, however, those predictions were proven untrue. In fact, on November 9th, the market rallied, much to everyone’s surprise. Cases like this, where the unexpected happens, are exactly why we practice a disciplined approach to investing. Our process takes the emotion out of the picture and prepares you so that you can anticipate the unexpected, or whatever scenario life might toss your way.

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, I give my thanks to you for allowing the Krilogy team to be a part of your family, helping you realize your dreams and planning for a tomorrow filled with accomplishment.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO