From the President – February 2017

Today, we find ourselves at a time in history where the need for communication, collaboration, and the search for solutions to our challenges remains high. In Missouri, a new Governor has recently taken office, and as the world watched, a new President has been sworn in. Both are outsiders, vowing to disrupt the politics-as-usual manner of operating at the state and federal levels. At the same time, each man must find ways to create conversation and bring our fractured nation together.

As I’ve considered these challenges, it’s reminded me of why we’ve built the culture and values that direct our work. At Krilogy, we accomplish conversation, collaboration and problem solving through our commitment to our “Rules of Engagement.” These rules promote respect, ingenuity, and build off our fundamental meaning of existence, which is to “get it done” for our clients. They allow me, as a leader, to run an organization that gives deep and meaningful service to clients while providing an opportunity for our team to build a career of purpose. They help us deal with conflict and opportunity in the same moment, and guide our work for clients, developing the most appropriate plan for your needs and managing it regularly to help ensure you’re prepared for whatever the market may bring.

Krilogy’s Rules of Engagement are:

  • Operate from a Concierge Mindset… where service to all directs everything we do
  • With a Challenge, Bring a Solution… leveraging creative thinking and teamwork
  • Motivate, Create, and Act on Opportunities Like Never Before… success begins by creating and embracing opportunities
  • Love Every Idea for Five Minutes… toss everything on the table, bat it around, and consider what opportunities may arise

The challenges present at the state and federal level are exponentially higher than in most business or organizational settings, and thus, it follows that the need for a set of rules in our political discourse matches accordingly. I hope to encourage all, including our elected officials, to consider how Rules of Engagement and values can guide conversations as we tackle the issues we face locally, state-wide, nationally and globally.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO