Letter from the President – March 2015

When we meet new people, we’re often asked: “What’s the difference between Krilogy and other firms?” While the answer is easy to articulate from a tactical perspective, the real difference is in the experience. Tactically, because we’re wealth managers, we have a higher level of fiduciary responsibility than a traditional financial advisor. We regularly manage your plan, frequently monitoring it and making moves to help you accomplish your goals. This is much different from a financial advisor who sells product and may only review your portfolio when the time comes to sell you something.

Now let’s talk about the Krilogy experience. Quite simply, we’re there for you every day. Going through a challenge or a family emergency? Have a big idea you want to share? Looking to make a business connection but not sure where to start? Krilogy is often among the first calls made in these, and a variety of other life scenarios. When it comes to accomplishment – no matter what that accomplishment entails – clients know they can depend on us to help them with their finances, and so much more.

Our plan for 2015 involves enhancing that already high level of service through several new additions, partnerships, and more. We’ll be active in continuing to bring you information and confidence when it comes to moving your financial accomplishments forward. Not only are we physically expanding our space, with construction complete and finishing touches underway, we’ll also be adding to our team of financial analysts to monitor the portfolios of our growing client base each day, and continuing to enhance our technology. There are also some big announcements concerning new Krilogy initiatives which are just around the corner. Stay tuned as the coming months will bring big news to the Krilogy family.

We wish you well, and as always, appreciate your support of Krilogy.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO