Letter from the President – 2018 Volume One

Over the last few weeks, we’ve witnessed a fair amount of volatility in the market. Whereas in the past, our clients’ biggest questions revolved around how long our record market highs would last, they’re now asking if recent drops were the correction we’ve been waiting for.

Although there have been a few sharp dips and rebounds, we still find the market in record high territory. Many are excited, yet just as many are fearful. In fact, as the market climbs higher, so does fear. There’s now more at stake and more to lose. Will it continue? Have we reached the top? Is it time to get out?

While the team at Krilogy closely watches the market, we do so not to predict the future but rather to manage our clients’ portfolios to minimize downside risk and take advantage of upside opportunities, all within each client’s risk tolerance and according to their overall plan. It’s not about timing the market or determining a “good time” to sell stocks and buy bonds because, quite frankly, there isn’t one. You need a systematic, disciplined way to approach rebalancing your portfolio that involves active management.

That’s what you rely on the Krilogy team for. Krilogy and your advisor are leveraging the knowledge of our Investment Committee and the firm’s technological resources to monitor, adjust, and rebalance your accounts. The goal is to prepare our clients for not only when the market is experiencing record highs, but also market downturn and volatility. Together, we remain focused on working your plan, allowing worries and emotion to fade away and keeping our eyes on the end goal.

In addition to our unwavering attention to your wealth management, we at Krilogy also find ourselves in the full swing of tax season. As I mentioned in my last letter, 2018 marks the launch of Krilogy Tax Services, a separate but affiliated company to the firm which provides tax consulting and preparation of tax returns. Krilogy Tax is already serving many clients and our team of CPAs has begun talking with clients about the impacts of recent changes in tax law. If you have any tax questions or would like to speak with one of our CPAs, please feel free to reach out to your advisor.

My best to you and your family for a year filled with continued accomplishment.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO