Krilogy® Announces Its Affiliation with Krilogy® Law to Provide Estate and Business Planning Services

Krilogy®, a St. Louis-based wealth management firm with more than $2 billion in assets, is pleased to announce its affiliation with Krilogy® Law, a separate and independent law firm providing clients’ estate and business planning services. Krilogy® Law is owned by Tom Lewis, a Krilogy® Partner who has served in part as Krilogy’s Counsel since 2016. Lewis is joined by his partner, Deb Smiley. Smiley is an attorney who focuses on estate and business planning as it relates to overall wealth management.

The affiliation with Krilogy® Law places the firm in a unique position to coordinate and provide end-to-end, comprehensive planning and wealth management for individuals, families and business owners. Few in the industry have the expansive capabilities and large team of professionals present within the Krilogy® model, which now includes wealth, tax, estate and business planning.

“Krilogy’s mission, to inspire, serve and enrich lives, leads us to care for our clients’ overall financial wellbeing, instilling a sense of readiness for all of the decisions they’ll face in their financial journeys, said Kent Skornia, Krilogy® President and CEO. “We believe that to be truly ready, you must have all three pillars of wealth management built into your plan, including advanced tax planning and the protection provided by an estate and business plan. Our affiliation with Krilogy® Law allows the firm to deliver comprehensive holistic wealth management in a way that others in our space simply do not.”

Smiley joined Krilogy® Law after an extensive career in private law practice and financial services, both in Senior Wealth Management leadership roles and as an attorney, serving as a trusted guide for clients’ financial, estate and business planning needs. Her depth of experience in all facets of planning, from drafting and implementing legal documents to interpreting language on the financial side allows her to provide clients with informed insights to feel confident in their decision making. She was drawn to the Krilogy organization’s culture of teamwork, rooted in the values of dedication, abundance, leadership and respect.

“The estate and business planning services we provide through Krilogy® Law fit hand-in-hand with the investment and tax work already in place at Krilogy®,” said Smiley. “Life can change unexpectedly, and at any time. Our ultimate goal is to give clients peace of mind, knowing they’ve proactively planned to help avoid putting their wealth, their children’s future, and their legacy at risk. Clients have a team of professionals in all areas of wealth management collaborating and working hard on their behalf to grow and protect their wealth. It’s rare in this industry to be able to offer this level of comprehensive care in an environment of true teamwork.”

About Krilogy® Law:
KEP Law, LLC d/b/a Krilogy® Law was founded as a separate entity to Krilogy® Financial (“Krilogy®”), an award-winning independent wealth management firm with three locations throughout the St. Louis Region. The law firm is operated as an independent law firm to provide legal services in estate and business planning to both Krilogy® and non-Krilogy® clients. The law firm joins Krilogy® Tax Services in the capability to provide a unique, comprehensive approach to wealth management in which all facets of financial planning are seamlessly at work to help ensure an informed, proactive investment, tax, estate and business strategy for each client. Together, the team provides an enhanced level of client care, offering informed insights and serving as trusted guides through the various phases of a client’s financial life and beyond.

Legal services provided by Krilogy® Law are provided under a separate engagement from Krilogy® Financial. Legal services do not include the investment, financial planning and tax services provided by Krilogy® and Krilogy® Tax Services. There will be no attorney-client privilege protections afforded clients for services provided through Krilogy® Financial and a client’s wealth advisor. Krilogy® clients are not required to utilize Krilogy® Law to fulfill their estate planning and other legal needs. Krilogy® and a client’s wealth advisor can assist in coordinating estate planning needs with unaffiliated law firms.

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