From the President – February 2016

Volatility. It’s the hot topic of the day, and many analysts are predicting that it will continue through 2016. While the very idea of volatility may strike fear in the minds of investors, we’ve found that there’s a way to derail that fear – a plan. Clients who are clear about their financial plan, who know what their risk tolerance is relative to their goals, and who are committed to working that plan are much more comfortable in times of volatility.

Do you find yourself in a state of fear in a volatile market? If the answer is yes, ask yourself – and your advisor – the following questions:

  1. Is my risk tolerance still appropriate, or should I revisit it?
  2. Are my allocations in line with my goals and risk tolerance?
  3. Is it time to change or update my plan?

At Krilogy, we assess these questions on an ongoing basis, and have a very sophisticated process in place to review and rebalance portfolios daily. This consistent rebalancing ensures that clients don’t fall outside their risk tolerance, and that the plan is still working towards their goals. Clients have the ability to access their portfolios online 24/7 to monitor the performance and see that their allocations are in line. Knowing that the Krilogy team is working on their plan, and being able to see it at all times, minimizes that fear. Clients know where they are, and where they’re going.

That attention to detail and ongoing care Krilogy provides is the cornerstone of our belief that each team member here works for their clients, not for the firm. That phrase was coined by Pat O’Brien, one of the original advisors here at Krilogy and the focus of this month’s Advisor Spotlight. Pat knew that concept would be a reality at Krilogy, and it’s a mantra all have embraced. Even as we expand and grow our staff, which we continue to do, that philosophy will always be present.

Finally, as we entered the New Year last month, I thought about how so many people make resolutions. Whether it’s to lose weight, make a career change or save money, the enthusiasm starts strong. A couple months in, it starts to fade, and by month six, those dreams can be easily forgotten. But if you have an accountability partner or coach, it’s easier to stay motivated to keep moving towards your goal – even when the going gets tough. That’s where your Krilogy advisor and all of our systems and technology come in. Your advisor serves as your coach, helping you monitor progress and make adjustments along the way. The technology helps you see where you are at all times. And our philosophy of working for you, not the firm, means we always put your needs and interests first.

My best to you and your family for a 2016 filled with accomplishment.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO