From the Desk of the President, 2019 Volume Four

There’s No Place Like Home

Welcome! We’ve arrived at the final months of this captivating decade. As I envision the myriad of things that will unfold during the next ten years, I find myself drawn to the bedrock value of belonging.

One example that I’m particularly proud of as a leader is the feeling of home that the Krilogy team continues to foster. Here, clients, partners and team members alike are respected and supported in their financial, career and personal paths, and helped to grow through a focus on individual well-being.

It is my belief that this quality will only grow in importance over the coming years. We pay a price for technological and societal advances, which have made businesses more productive and communities more global. Part of the price is not knowing if we still matter as individuals, in the places we frequent and the groups we rely on for fulfillment and safety.

Everyone Matters

A client recently shared the feeling that she has each time she and her husband come in Krilogy’s front doors. The couple have very different perspectives on money, and what this person appreciates most is that her advisor and team understand both of them, and embrace what they seek to achieve individually and as a couple.

This is gratifying for me to hear because it indicates that we’re on the right track. We are continually striving to create a place that cares for all of your needs, reaching well beyond investing. By design, the Krilogy team is structured to address your entire financial universe, with advisors, portfolio strategists, practice managers, investment strategists and tax professionals in place to make an impact first on your financial life and, ultimately, on your overall life.

Personal Prosperity

The meaning of prosperity is different for every one of us. So is the path to our goals. As your faithful guides, we commit ourselves to helping you reach whatever summits you choose to pursue. We are honored to share this relationship, and this journey, with you. Welcome home.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO

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