From the Desk of the President, 2018 Volume Two

As we close out the first half of 2018, our awareness continues to focus on a seemingly ever-present state of market volatility. Clients are questioning what will happen if we enter a trade war, how rising interest rates in the bond market will impact their portfolios, and of course, when a significant market correction may happen.

All of these questions are important ones in this political and economic climate. Krilogy advisors and our investment team remain proactive, implementing tax and investment strategies that help mitigate risk while seeking to meet their goals. This activity includes:

Portfolio Management – While things like indexing can be a good component of an overall investment strategy, focusing on active money management in times of volatility creates great value for clients. At Krilogy, we utilize technology which helps us forecast what impact various economic situations can have on our portfolios, and practice dynamic rebalancing to manage portfolios to their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Active Trading – Unlike brokerage firms who make commissions on trades, Krilogy focuses on trading to protect against the downside and take advantage of the upside. We don’t call you to make a trade so we can make money. Instead, our motivation is to grow and protect your money.

Tax Consulting – Recent tax law changes have created challenges and opportunities, and as a result, we’re actively meeting with clients to identify new tax strategies. For example, we’re advising many clients to reconsider the timing of charitable giving, front-loading it the first year to take advantage of the additional deduction, and then reducing the next year’s gift. This is just one way to leverage a different approach to planning, and help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

As always, we invite any questions that you may have and encourage you to follow your plan rather than the latest tweets or news headlines. Your plan is designed to be the path to accomplishment that you’ve envisioned for yourself and your family. We’re honored to support you on that journey.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO