From the Desk of the President, 2019 Volume Two

A Perspective on Returns

What role do returns play in your financial world? To some, returns take center stage in conversations, becoming a source of pride and focus. Returns are an important driver of your financial plan, and are one component of your overall journey.

I have recently noticed an uptick in messaging about advisors serving as financial coaches for clients rather than solely maximizing short-term returns. Such discussions suggest that clients benefit significantly more when their advisors consult with and counsel them on long-term planning, in addition to managing wealth.

Many in our industry may consider this a new development, but Krilogy does not. This approach has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy. Krilogy advisors share a common belief in developing and executing a wealth management plan to help create the returns you need to live the life you want. This approach involves a focus on the returns themselves, along with a deep understanding of what those returns mean to you.

Beyond Returns

I often ask clients who are well into retirement, “Do you care more about all of your annual investment returns, or the life you have been able to live since retiring?” The typical response is that life, and memories created, outweigh the standalone numbers. The more relevant focus lies in consistently achieving the returns needed to bring your vision for retirement to life. This is driven by your financial plan, methodically developed and executed, and rooted in the trust between you and your advisor. We are honored to play this role.

The Krilogy team utilizes our high-level portfolio management platform to support your plans for life in retirement and your legacy. These highly talented and credentialed professionals serve as coaches and advocates, putting in relentless effort to manage your wealth.

Krilogy advisors, portfolio managers, tax professionals and their teams are making an impact, one that creates value and builds client confidence. Our disciplined approach leads to perspective on volatility, and results in minimal concern about daily market numbers. Clients trust that investments are allocated properly based on an overarching strategy, with short- and long-term tax considerations in mind. Stress and fear over finances is replaced with calmness and optimism for what lies ahead.

Returns matter in this environment, and exist in the context of your ultimate goals. This marriage of performance and discipline is ever-present at Krilogy.

It is the art of accomplishment.
Kent Skornia
President and CEO

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