From the Desk of the President, 2019 Volume Three

Values: The Soul of the Organization

I believe that given the opportunity to build something from scratch, create the best version possible. This was a guiding principle when I established Krilogy in 2009, and it remains a primary focus as we craft portfolios, manage money and grow the team.

The focus on creating the “best version possible” in Krilogy led to the adoption of values which give our actions purpose and serve as our soul. We are not just a firm that transacts money. We are a firm committed to making an impact on people’s lives and in the world.

Being a values-based organization is more than a simple state of being for the Krilogy team. Our values have a direct relationship to your Krilogy experience and the results we strive for on your behalf.


The Krilogy team believes in putting forth relentless, deliberate effort focused on long-term goals rather than short-term gains. Your financial situation is an ever-evolving landscape subject to many influences. Dedication directs us to go deep, be active, consider all scenarios, and fulfill on your personal financial mission.


We abundantly give of ourselves in all scenarios and believe that more can be accomplished together to meet your needs. A Krilogy team member’s day could include time spent with a client at the Social Security office, meeting with a CPA, or even at a mortgage or title company. This is the abundance we offer you that goes above and beyond a financial plan.


Krilogy team members devote all that we have to serve the needs of others. We are leaders in conversations supporting you, presenting fact-based, intelligent options to help you make intelligent decisions for big moments in life, such as wealth transfer, or for everyday needs you may encounter. You’ll have us by your side, providing the leadership you need to feel confident.

These are the values that define Krilogy and provide tremendous value to you. They’re the catalyst to impact your financial life in a meaningful way, directing your path to accomplishment.

Kent Skornia
President and CEO

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