August 2014 Newsletter – Investment Advisory Report

Today, we live in a time period characterized by fast-moving markets and constant information flow. Clients want to know – and deserve to know – what’s happening with their portfolios, how often their advisor is monitoring their investments, and our team at Krilogy can, in good conscience, tell you daily. We also provide the tools to access your information quickly, and in a manner that can be easily understood.

Krilogy has continued to enhance our client-facing technology in an effort to provide “best in class” reporting in an easy to understand format. We also continue to add technology tools and resources to enhance our already meticulous Investment Due Diligence Process. This will help us to implement real-time decisions made by our Investment Committee for our clients, and complements our Krilogy Scoring Methodology which is involved in our initial and ongoing efforts to be great stewards of client assets.

Portfolio Management
The Krilogy IA Department recently completed strategic firm-wide portfolio rebalances. Numerous tactical portfolio changes have also taken place to capitalize on opportunites we believe best suit our clients and their corresponding risk tolerance.

In an effort to anticipate how various global shifts may impace investments moving forward, we’ve stress-tested our Investment Models in the first half of 2014 against a host of scenarios including a significant slowing of the Chinese economy, as well as tumultuous Middle East tensions resulting in higher oil prices.

Finally, we’ve rolled our a new “Income Portfolio” for clients seeking yield in a challenging fixed income environment. Investors can often be tempted by yield without fully understanding the risks being taken. Our job is to minimize risk, while still focusing on accomplishing each client’s objectives.

The Krilogy team and technology are at work for you each day, focused on your needs, goals, and your accomplishments.