Team Member Spotlight: Kristin B. Poole, CFP®, MIB, Vice President and Private Client Wealth Advisor, 2019 Volume Two

I’m extremely pleased that Kristin Poole chose to join us last Fall.

Kristin is a strong leader who communicates very well and possesses a diverse skill set as an advisor. She is a member of the Investment Committee, the Krilogy 360 Women’s Initiative, and is running a terrific practice with her team at Krilogy.

Kristin Poole

“We are a goal-setting organization by nature, and one of our goals is to change the industry in a positive and visionary way,” said Kent Skornia, Krilogy President and CEO. “I expect Kristin to be a factor in that effort. She is an idea person who can connect the present with a better future.”

Kristin is bi-lingual and bi-cultural, having traveled extensively and lived in Spanish-speaking countries. She is an adjunct lecturer at Washington University, teaching a Masters-level course in Finance, and holds a Master’s degree in International Business, in addition to the Certified Financial Planner designation. After 13 years as an advisor and educator, Kristin is making a large contribution at Krilogy. I’m excited to see her continued success.

“For me, it all comes down to making good decisions,” Kristin confided. “This is true in advisory, planning, investing and my other passion: educating. The work, research and collaboration pay off when they bring about positive change, and support informed decision-making. That’s what I find so rewarding about the work I do with my clients, teams and students. That’s also how I manage to balance work and family—it’s a decision that I make every day, and every day can be a little different.”

Kristin’s family includes a daughter, Riley, and equine member, Martin. She lets off steam cooking or show-jumping, and looks forward to further study in the science of decision-making. We are better for your contributions, Kristin! And glad that your excellent decision-making skills led you to Krilogy.

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