In the Community – 4th Quarter 2017

Medicare is a topic that can be complicated, and quite frankly, frightening for many people as they near retirement. Krilogy advisors often field numerous questions about Medicare, and have in-depth discussions with clients as we prepare their financial plans. After all, health care costs can have a big impact on your nest egg if you don’t properly plan for how you’ll manage the expenses in retirement.

Because this topic is so critical to everyone’s financial plan, the Krilogy team wanted to provide education to help folks gain understanding, and confidence. Krilogy Advisor Stacy Sloas CFP@ led the charge, and partnered with Kevin Guss to Krilogy clients and guests. An expert in the field, Guss led guests through the Medicare process, outlining the steps and common pitfalls people may face, answering questions, and putting the audience’s mind at ease when it comes to this critical piece of the retirement puzzle.

“Guests left feeling informed and empowered to make their Medicare decisions,” said Sloas. We received great feedback, and were happy to provide this valuable service which ultimately, will help clients as they travel down their road to accomplishment.”