Wealth Advisor Careers at Krilogy

Our Advisors Grow by over 20% each year

Why do our Advisors Grow?

We take away the everyday tasks and provide the support they need and time back in their day to do what is most important – meet with Prospects and Clients.

How do we do that?

We provide:

  • Portfolio Management
  • In-house Estate and Tax Prep/Planning
  • First Class Technology Stack
  • Teamwork and Dedicated Support
  • Our Value Based Culture and Rules of Engagement
What does a great day at work look like?

On a great day at work, you’re focused on the activities you enjoy the most. A great day at work is fun. It can actually leave you feeling energized to accomplish even more.

Krilogy believes you’re at your best when you’re engaged in the work you’re most passionate about the reasons you became a financial advisor in the first place. So, we built our firm to provide expert professional support for the parts of the job that can prevent you from focusing on the business—building work you enjoy. We empower you to have more great days at work.

It’s not typical. You may not even believe it until you experience it for yourself. But it’s the reason the average practicing financial advisor who joins the Krilogy team grows their practice by at least 20% annually.

The Support You Need to Grow Your Practice

Every firm says they support their advisors, but we’re confident nobody delivers on it quite like Krilogy. The proof is in the growth numbers our advisors experience once they transition their business. The Krilogy Support System includes:

  • Support to Move Your Practice

    Krilogy has on-staff transition specialists dedicated to helping ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll work with you to quickly get accounts moved and settled, so you can get back to delivering exceptional service.

  • In-House Tax and Estate Planning

    Krilogy’s in-house tax and estate planning teams are available to provide seamless start-to-finish tax and legal services for your clients. From preparing tax returns to writing and executing legal documents—it’s all under one roof at Krilogy.

  • Portfolio Management

    Our Investment Committee supports advisors with portfolio management that can be tailored to the individual needs and goals of your clients.

  • Sophisticated Tech Stack

    A best-in-class collection of tech tools designed to help you do your job more efficiently and deliver a better client experience.

  • Real Teamwork

    From company leadership to fellow advisors to support staff, you’re surrounded by a team that wants you to succeed and is eager to help you do so.

The Krilogy Culture + You

Culture is dynamic. The centerpieces of our culture are our values of Dedication, Abundance, Leadership and Respect. We’re growing our firm with financial advisors who embrace those values, while bringing their own experiences and ideas to the team.

Krilogy values your perspective. We celebrate each other’s wins and work together to overcome obstacles. Our team is our competitive advantage, and it can be yours too.