Market Perspective Video | June/July 2023

Krilogy’s newest Market Perspective video his here: Kent Skornia and John McArthur give their perspectives. With markets having bounced meaningfully in the first half of the year amidst a pessimistic backdrop at the end of 2022, the current environment becomes a little trickier for investors, as they discuss current market conditions and explore what may lie ahead. Important Disclosures

Market Perspective Video | May 2023

Krilogy’s John McArthur (CIO) and Kent Skornia (CEO) look back on the markets in May and look forward to what June brings. Plenty of noise and headlines are currently present in the market to distract and influence investors in their decision making. We discuss the importance of discipline and process and why it’s important to be mindful of recency bias…

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Krilogy Market Update November 2022

Market Perspective Video | November 2022

As we approach the final stages of 2022, opportunities exist in both the stock and bond market, which have both discounted quite a bit in looking forward to 2023. We assess the current environment and what is taking place below the surface of the market indices. Important Disclosures

July 2022 Krilogy Market Perspective Video Web

Market Perspective Video | July 2022

Krilogy’s Kent Skornia (CEO) and John McArthur (CIO) assess the current investing environment. Earnings, inflation and a tightening monetary policy alongside an economic slowdown, point towards a potential Recession. They explore portfolio strategy and considerations beyond publicly traded stock and bonds. Important Disclosures

Market Perspective Video | June 2022

The S&P officially entered a bear market in June. Krilogy President and CEO Kent Skornia and Chief Investment Officer John McArthur share their thoughts on the Fed and how they are working toward demand destruction, with all eyes on whether the Fed is slowing down inflation in this strong labor market. Kent and John also discuss how the market selling…

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Krilogy June 2022 Market Update

Market Perspective Video | May 2022

Due to a variety of influences, the beginning of 2022 has been the 4th worst start in the history of the stock market. In this timely video, Krilogy President and CEO Kent Skornia and Chief Investment Officer John McArthur discuss current market conditions and stock performance. Kent and John discuss the factors impacting performance, current and anticipated potential conditions, and…

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Krilogy Emblem

Krilogy Is On The Move

Since 2009, the Krilogy® team has been dedicated to building the best possible wealth management experience – for clients, for team members and for the community. Over the years, we’ve driven steady and deliberate growth, adding advisors and team members who deliver a tremendous amount of value to clients and share a commitment to our values and culture of teamwork….

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Kent Skornia

Write it Down, and It Becomes Reality

Do you remember your Christmas list as a child? The extraordinary gifts? The barbie doll, bicycle, video game or a particular clothing item? Remember how much you wanted that gift? You obsessed over the present. Was I good enough? Did Santa get my letter? There was a deadline, and you would know on Christmas day if you would receive the…

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Kent Skornia


I was in the Krilogy St. Louis Office the other day, and a Krilogy teammate was telling me a story of how they accomplished something for one of our clients and how much they enjoyed working with the Krilogy client. As I was walking away, I joked, “Hashtag Krilogy-Life.” Then I thought to myself. That might be real. It occurred…

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Creve Couer Office

Krilogy’s Response to COVID-19

As I stated in my initial communication to you in March, Krilogy leadership has been meeting regularly since the onset of this pandemic to monitor and address the ever-evolving challenges of COVID-19. Our team has helped to ensure our work-from-home processes continue to operate smoothly while also thinking ahead about the preparations we’ll need to eventually return to the office….

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