I was in the Krilogy St. Louis Office the other day, and a Krilogy teammate was telling me a story of how they accomplished something for one of our clients and how much they enjoyed working with the Krilogy client.

As I was walking away, I joked, “Hashtag Krilogy-Life.” Then I thought to myself. That might be real. It occurred to me that we have a community here of like-minded people, both my Krilogy teammates (who I lovingly refer to as Krilogizers) and you, Krilogy clients. I had a sense of pride that came over me of being a part of our “little Krilogy community.”

I see something pretty special about you, our Krilogy client and the Krilogizers. How big is our community? Not the size of Twitter, but we have over 1,500 clients at Krilogy, and it’s growing by at least one client a day. That is fun.

What do we have in common? You are a community of accomplished people who live your life with humility and grace. I have had the privilege of meeting many of you when you join the firm, come to a client event (pre-covid), or even at a BBQ or restaurant years later, after being clients for a long time. I am always so impressed every time I get a chance to connect with you. I love to learn about what you have accomplished and the story behind every accomplishment. The unique part of managing your wealth is our conversation must include how you created your wealth. We are allowed to hear your story.

One of the benefits of interacting with so many accomplished individuals and families is the uniqueness of your talents; goals, cares, worries, personalities, and dreams. I love to hear the stories of the “how” and the “why” you have created your wealth. These stories inspire us Krilogizers to give even more relentless effort to help you achieve your financial goals. In the Krilogy community, I see entrepreneurs, executives, small business owners, doctors, lawyers, teachers, union members, nurses, authors, artists, single, married, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and even great-grandparents. We all come from different parts of America; urban, suburban, rural, international, and many more. The diversity in this Krilogy community is overwhelming and very much respected.

But why are we a community, Kent? Even with our diversity, I see similar beliefs and traits that unite this community. The most apparent is that you have wealth to be managed. In your manner and method, you have accumulated enough assets to utilize our services. Managing your wealth is a responsibility but that is not what makes us a community. I am sure you would agree.

What are the traits that make our community unique? The first and most obvious trait to me is humility. Meeting you on the street, in a coffee shop, or at a bbq, one would never know what you have accomplished in your life. Sure, we all like our toys, but your possessions do not define you, and our conversations always go back to family and community-related activities. The Krilogy community has a humility about it that is so appealing. I describe our community as; “Regular people who happen to have money.” You have it. You don’t flaunt it.

Kri = to do, to make, or to accomplish
logy = art and study of
Krilogy = Art of Accomplishment

Krilogy is a funny name with profound meaning. The Art of Accomplishment is deep in our DNA at Krilogy. We live it every day, and so do you. You strive to accomplish your goals and objectives. Bottom line, you get things done. You would not need Krilogy if you did not accomplish great things. We describe this trait as “Krilogizing.” Accomplishment is a habit, and it is also contagious. I feel you joined this “Krilogy Community” because you know that we have the same relentless approach to accomplishing goals and objectives for you and your family as you do. Energy generates more energy than before. I feel your energy Krilogy community. Thanks for your humility, grace, and continued drive to accomplish great things. I am inspired, and I appreciate you. Have a great day and a great week.