How Different Are Today’s 401k Plans from the 1980s?

As it turns out, today’s 401k plans are very different from the original version that was rolled out in the 1980s. Krilogy Senior Partner and Chief Investment Officer, John McArthur, recently provided his commentary for a story in Fiduciary News, an outlet covering news and information for the professional fiduciary.

The article, titled “5 Dramatic Ways 21st Century 401k Plans Differ from the Original 1980s Version,” points out the following shifts:

  • More Universal Participation
  • More Investment Choices
  • Better Investment Choices
  • Greater Automation
  • Greater Transparency

The story outlines the shift from the early 1980s, when traditional pension plans’ sustainability was coming into question, to the early days of the 401k (including where most of the funding came from and levels of participation), to today, which is an era of increased responsibility for employees to understand their investments and what they’re paying in fees.
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