Insurance Disclosure

Insurance services are non-advisory services that may be offered to the client through Krilogy affiliate, a client’s Krilogy investment advisor representative whom is a state-licensed insurance agent. Krilogy Advisors and your financial advisor whom are licensed insurance agents are eligible to receive commissions for the sale of insurance products, including those recommended to Krilogy Financial clients. This presents certain conflicts of interest because your advisor receives a commission, a portion of which is retained by Krilogy’s affiliate, for the sale of insurance products, which creates an incentive to recommend the purchase of insurance products that pay them commissions over other investments and insurance products that pay either lower or no commissions. Krilogy and your financial advisor address this conflict by providing this disclosure to you as well as working with you to understand your assets, liabilities, and potential income gap in the event of an unforeseen death to determine if the product is suitable for you given your particular facts and circumstances. Clients may purchase insurance products recommended by Krilogy or your financial advisor through other agents that are not affiliated with Krilogy. Krilogy’s Fees will not be reduced to offset the payment of insurance commissions to your advisor and Krilogy’s affiliate. Actual commissions vary, depending upon, among other things, the type and value of the policy purchased, as well as the issuing agency or insurance company.