Portfolio Management

Krilogy Financial’s investment advisory mission is to advance the financial lives of our clients through the development of trusting relationships that give personalized attention to the unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon of each individual client. Our Portfolio Management services are a perfect tool for those that are ready to rejuvenate, revise or expand their current investment plan.

Krilogy Financial’s fee-based service has a simple, solid, top-down approach:

  • We start by assessing a client’s needs and goals with our specialized needs-based financial tools.
  • We then begin to customize a well-rounded investment portfolio starting with broad asset allocation, including a blend of the growth potential of stocks, the income potential and reduced correlation of bonds and the relative stability of money market funds and cash equivalents. We manage and supervise each portfolio’s risk by selecting and monitoring exposures asset classes that respond differently to changing economic conditions.
  • All investments used in the firm’s model portfolios are screened, selected and monitored by Krilogy’s experienced Investment Committee, which follows a disciplined method to identify and select investments and portfolio managers’ best suited for client portfolios. The process includes extensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation, including in-person visits and calls with investment managers. For each recommended investment, our team pays close attention to internal fees and costs; some clients have saved a full 1% in internal portfolio fees as a result of our meticulous analysis and cost-conscious measures.
  • Krilogy’s portfolio investment process builds portfolios that diversify within and across asset classes, investment styles and geographies. Portfolios are assembled to maximize the benefits of diversification while maintaining the ability for returns enhancement through security selection and sector allocations, which ultimately leads to high quality, diversified and defensive portfolios.

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