Nathaniel joined Krilogy in order to be part of a team that was dedicated to providing unbiased and strategically-sound financial solutions to clients. Nathaniel deeply enjoys understanding the individual goals and values of his clients. He operates from a servant mindset of walking alongside others in order to help create comprehensive financial plans that achieve their objectives. Krilogy is unique in its team-focused culture, independent RIA platform and strong dedication to providing a high level of in-depth wealth-management service to clients regardless of their individual net worth. These strengths ensure that clients have access to a broad spectrum of customizable solutions that make the most sense for them on an ongoing basis.

Nathaniel was raised in Oregon and moved to St Louis in 2012 in order to assume the role of primary caregiver for his grandmother. He graduated from Lindenwood University with a B.A. in Business Administration and is excited about a career spent in the heartland of the USA. He currently serves at Matthias Lot Church in Saint Charles. His interests outside of finance include church ministries, entrepreneurship, classical piano, photography, woodworking and outdoor adventures.