Team Spotlight: Investment Operations, 2019 Volume Four

Clearly Krilogy takes you behind the scenes with the Investment Operations team, where portfolio creation, rebalancing, distribution and reporting are carried out. And that’s before lunch.

As the backbone of Krilogy’s investment function, we of the Investment Operations team take pride in being the bridge between the practical and personal aspects of our business. On one hand, we deliver a core competency: disciplined portfolio construction and vigilant maintenance. At the same time, we are the foundation upon which a smooth and comfortable client experience is built.

In accordance with Krilogy’s team culture, we operate from a concierge mindset. This quality demands that every request for service or support be promptly and professionally addressed. For Investment Operations, this applies to the needs of Krilogy’s advisory teams and clients alike. To walk this walk, we embrace the fact that relationships are at the core of all successful businesses.

Commitment to Excellence

Krilogy's Investment Operations Team

Meet the Investment Operations Team: Andrew Shenberg, Megan Lockhart, Breonna Clemons, Keaton Jones Absent: Paul Gabriel

Anchoring our culture is the commitment to professional expertise, technical proficiency and continuous improvement. We are constantly striving to provide the highest and most efficient level of service.

Our technology partners enable a level of responsiveness and accuracy that was not possible in the past. Our partnerships are strong to the point where they are bi-directional. Krilogy Investment Ops helps out by testing new technologies and guiding their development. In exchange, we receive excellent service and achieve a seamless quality in our automation process. This allows us to do more and go farther with support.

As one example, we rebalance thousands of individual accounts in a matter of hours—a technique that empowers clients to make positive use of market volatility, effortlessly employ dollar-cost averaging and stay invested over the long term. This capability is an important attribute of Krilogy’s investment philosophy.

Such powerful and accurate automation frees us up to add more value in other areas: spend time with advisors, and take on continuous-improvement projects. We also provide personalized support to clients, such as individualized dashboards for viewing of their accounts on the Client Portal.

Investment Ops plays quarterback when new clients move assets into the firm. This is where Krilogy’s concierge mindset shines: the back office and front office teams working in concert, striving for the smoothest possible transition to the Krilogy experience. Thank you for reading about our team.

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