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Krilogy 2019 Volume One Newsletter

2019 Newsletter, Volume One


Kent Skornia

From the Desk of the President, 2019 Volume One

Ten Years of Krilogy Milestones often inspire leaders to reflect upon the journey to date, and envision the path that lies ahead. Today is such an occasion for me, as I look back on Krilogy’s first ten years and anticipate what’s to come in our next decade. From Vision to Fruition My vision for Krilogy has always revolved around a…

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Krilogy Executive Vice President and Private Client Wealth Advisor Elizabeth Connelly, JD, CTFA, CISP, Named President of the Signature Healthcare Foundation Board, 2019 Volume One

The Krilogy team shares a commitment to community service, living the firm’s values of Dedication, Abundance and Leadership while helping those in need. Elizabeth Connelly is a shining example of this leadership. Krilogy is proud to support her as she assumes the position of President of the Board for the Signature Healthcare Foundation, effective January 1, 2019. Elizabeth has been…

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Scott Krajacic

Krilogy Welcomes Scott Krajacic, CFA, 2019 Volume One

Krilogy is pleased to announce the recent addition of Paraplanner Scott Krajacic, CFA to the firm. Scott joins Krilogy as a member of Executive Vice President and Private Client Wealth Advisor Elizabeth Connelly’s team. In this role, Scott will support the team’s work with high net worth clients. “As we continue to grow, we’re doing so in a very deliberate…

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Investment Committee & IA Department Report, 2019 Volume One

Market Correction: What Happened and What’s Next This is an environment requiring vigilance. While we expect volatility to continue near-term, it is important to remember that the last two episodes of similar volatility, 2011 and 2015-2016, proved to be long-term buying opportunities. A decade of consecutive, positive annual S&P 500 returns ended in 2018. In the final three months of…

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Andrew T. Forrester

Team Member Spotlight: Andrew T. Forrester, CFP®, M.Ed., 2019 Volume One

I could say a great deal about Drew, as there are so many wonderful attributes he brings to the firm. Immediately upon joining Krilogy, Drew made a positive impact on his teammates and the organization. His keen ability to connect deeply with his colleagues and clients has allowed him to flourish as an advisor, teammate and mentor. Holding a Master’s…

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Pedal the Cause, 2019 Volume One

2018 marked the first year for Team Krilogy’s participation in Pedal the Cause, a group bike ride featuring nearly 3,600 participants racing ten- to 100-mile courses across the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Founded in 2009, the event raises funds to support cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Since the annual cycling challenge…

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What You Need to Know in 2018 about Qualified Charitable Distributions

We at Krilogy work with clients through all phases of their retirement planning, investment strategies, and tax strategies related to executing their wealth management strategies. A key milestone in this journey occurs when a client reaches 70-1/2 years old, the age at which he or she must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from their retirement accounts. Yet in some…

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Why Year-End Planning in 2018 is More Important Than Ever

2018 has proven to be a year unlike many others as the United States experienced the biggest tax law overhaul in decades with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Much has been written about the implications for the average taxpayer, and we at Krilogy Financial® and Krilogy® Tax Services have been advising clients on issues such as charitable giving…

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Investment Committee & IA Department Report, 2018 Volume Three

Positive Fundamentals Overcome Trade Uncertainty in Q3 The third quarter was the best-performing quarter for markets so far this year as the major U.S. stock indices each hit new all-time highs. The broad market gains were driven by strong economic data, solid earnings growth and improved clarity on global trade. Interestingly, those positive factors were often overlooked as news headlines…

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