Our Story

Krilogy Financial is a financial services firm that is focused on developing customized wealth management strategies for today’s investor. Whether you are interested in wealth management or wealth accumulation, Krilogy Financial offers a seamless pathway for you to unite your financial needs in one location.

Our expertise is centralized within three key building blocks of financial success: financial planning, portfolio management and insurance services.

As a boutique firm, we take these building blocks, combine them with superior service, unmatched integrity and professional financial advice in order to cement these concepts as the cornerstones of our business. At Krilogy Financial, we adhere to the philosophy that everyone that walks through our doors deserves a financial plan that aligns and protects their goals.

We are so passionate about our cornerstones and philosophy, that we represent our commitment in our name. The word krilogy is derived from Greek and means “the art of the accomplishment”. Our entire team is in the practice of accomplishing great things for each of our clients every day.

We are Krilogy Financial because we understand what you desire most; integrity, stability and value at every step of the wealth management process.

So whether you are planning for retirement, implementing a 401(k) for your company, saving for education funding, minimizing your tax burden or just adding more protection to your estate, you can expect in-depth, comprehensive knowledge from our team of financial planning professionals…tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.